Boost profitability with AI and automation technologies in manufacturing for Furukawa by R&D!

AI promises a substantial profitability growth especially in the field of manufacturing. Our vision is to support the development of digital technologies which contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals ( ) and to build an AI platform that reduces the cost and development time of automated visual inspection jobs. It improves the productivity of Furukawa factories and brings us closer to IoT/Industry 4.0.

We research and develop machine learning tools for Furukawa Electric Group engineers

  • Speeding up digital transformation
  • Establishing shared digital know-how

We build a software platform that enables to build, deploy, and maintain industrial-grade deep learning solutions.

  • Focus on Computer Vision: Single image & video analytics
  • For industrial application: Robust & scalable
  • Integrable into Manufacturing Execution System: APIs & micro-services

We contribute to the digitalization of factories

  • Improving application knowledge, digital skillset for rapid process innovation
  • Establishing collaboration-based digital infrastructure: agile development and innovative product/component integration

We design and implement automated quality inspection & deep learning-based measurement processes

  • Reducing production cost
  • Increasing product quality

Our domain experts guide you through the entire workflow of a deep learning automation solution development.

We have partners globally: